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Flavors  of  the  Forest

Here at Bee Creek,, we strive to sustainably create an incomparable taste

for the palate!

Shagbark Hickory Syrup

What is it?


At Bee Creek, we feel it's one of the best kept culinary secrets!


Shagbark Hickory trees are not tapped in the way traditional maple syrup is harvested. Every four-six years, these trees shed, or "shag", their bark in a way that leaves the tree healthy and undamaged.  

The exfoliating bark of the Shagbark Hickory tree is sustainably harvested from trees that grace our local woodland in beautiful Bear Creek, Pennsylvania.  The bark is then, washed carefully and steeped in pure well water.  The extract is then filtered and sweetened with organic cane sugar and aged to perfection. The process of making hickory syrup can be traced back to early Native American traditions.  Its smoky, nutty flavor is less sweet and more complex than Maple syrup.  (But not to worry - we make Maple syrup too!)


White Structure

Raw Honey

We have multiple hives on property and proudly sell a variety of products, including a delicious raw bourbon barrel aged honey.  Subscribe for updates on new offerings as they become available. 

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